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In which Teaching proves to be Hard Work

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Oct. 6th, 2006 | 02:17 pm
mood: tiredtired

Sooooooooooo many essays, so no time whatsoever. I am now on placement in John Cabot CTC which is possibly the plushest school ever, I suspect that they are running some kind of illegal child labour factory judging by the amount of industrial and technical equipment they have at their disposal for 'lessons'.

I haven't been out properly since the summer, all I do these days is read, talk and think about teaching, drink tea, and sleep when I get a spare minute. The other people on my course all seem to have limitless energy and go out drinking all the time, I'm flipping knackered. And they're all really conscientious and make me feel bad for cutting corners in my assignments. Stupid assignments. The actual time in school is great and the kids make me laugh, it's just all the extra crap which is bugging me. I just want to learn the practical skills of teaching, if I had an extra year to do the course the theory would, I'm sure, prove very interesting, but it's taking up time when I could be in the actual classroom! Or watching Neighbours, whichever. I suppose it's my fault for applying to Bristol...

Saying all that I am enjoying it, time is going sooo fast, I haven't been bored since I started which is pretty good for me and my non-attention span. And I got to act out a scene from Buffy in an AS level Media Studies class! Worth the tuition fees on its own.

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