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May. 18th, 2007 | 02:32 pm

I just got a job! I went for one job, they offered me a better one! Finally some good news! Yay! From next September I will be teaching and working in the LRC doing workshops and fun activities at the lovely new bradley stoke school! wooooooooooooooooooo!

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Christmas and Birthday List, yay!

Dec. 9th, 2006 | 03:58 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful

OOooooooooooooOO it's that time of year again!
As I'm supposed to be writing an essay, it seems like a good time for...

The Fourth Annual Amy's Christmas and Birthday List!

Dear Father Christmas, it would be really great if you could see your way clear to getting me the following:

1. some new boots for when it's cold.  I wore my old furry ones on a walk in the countryside, my foot got stuck in some mud and when I tried to free myself the sole pulled off the bottom of one of them.
2. a giant mince pie
3. a new tv to replace the one Joycie lent us which is massive and great but switches itself off at random moments in the middle of really exciting programmes.
4. a new dvd player that actually plays dvds
5. a new cd player that will let me skip tracks
6. a house
7. a tea cosy
8. 'The God Delusion' by what's his name, thingy thing
9. the Mighty Boosh live dvd
10. a snowboarding holiday
11. a PA to organise all my paperwork and my diary and tell me what I should be doing on any one day in the week
12. a pony
13. some new clothes
14. some comfortable pants from Marks and Spencers

Thanks Santa, you're the greatest!

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(no subject)

Dec. 6th, 2006 | 06:02 pm

Sorry to everyone I haven't seen since I started trying to be a teacher.
I've been at my second placement school for 3 days, I was supposed to be doing observations and getting to know the kids type stuff all week but I was told today I'm teaching a lesson tomorrow.  'What should I teach them?' I asked.  'Oh, anything...rhythm and rhyme in poetry?' Oh fine, fine, I'll just pull a lesson plan out of my arse shall I? SHALL I?
So now I'm trying to plan a lesson for a class I don't know at the same time as starting my 5000 word assignment that's due in Monday and I haven't even started doing the reading for yet AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Also the rug in the front room needs cleaning, I need to wash my hair, the washing up is falling out of the sink, and Matt can't help because he is a proper teacher so has no time either.

But then again, I left 27 pupils in John Cabot able to recognise and define irony in Shakespeare which was a buzz in a geeky English teacher way....
Ups and downs, ups and downs...

Wish me luck please.

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(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2006 | 07:55 pm



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Oct. 14th, 2006 | 12:50 pm

I just noticed I wrote 'it's' where I should have written 'its' in my last post.
Apologies to anyone this adversely effected.

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In which Teaching proves to be Hard Work

Oct. 6th, 2006 | 02:17 pm
mood: tiredtired

Sooooooooooo many essays, so no time whatsoever. I am now on placement in John Cabot CTC which is possibly the plushest school ever, I suspect that they are running some kind of illegal child labour factory judging by the amount of industrial and technical equipment they have at their disposal for 'lessons'.

I haven't been out properly since the summer, all I do these days is read, talk and think about teaching, drink tea, and sleep when I get a spare minute. The other people on my course all seem to have limitless energy and go out drinking all the time, I'm flipping knackered. And they're all really conscientious and make me feel bad for cutting corners in my assignments. Stupid assignments. The actual time in school is great and the kids make me laugh, it's just all the extra crap which is bugging me. I just want to learn the practical skills of teaching, if I had an extra year to do the course the theory would, I'm sure, prove very interesting, but it's taking up time when I could be in the actual classroom! Or watching Neighbours, whichever. I suppose it's my fault for applying to Bristol...

Saying all that I am enjoying it, time is going sooo fast, I haven't been bored since I started which is pretty good for me and my non-attention span. And I got to act out a scene from Buffy in an AS level Media Studies class! Worth the tuition fees on its own.

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Children are our Future...

Sep. 3rd, 2006 | 05:49 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Next door's weird folk music

...and in two days' time I'll be teaching them! Me! Mwahahahahaaaahahahaaaa

I keep thinking that someone will notice their mistake soon and I'll be thrown of the course...

I've been working like a dawg to get all the reading done, and fill in all the forms: I now have enhanced Criminal Record Bureau clearance, luckily my caution for Anti-Social Behaviour (riding my bike on the pavement to get onto the cycle path that goes from St Nicholas St to Easton) didn't count against me, phew.
So yes, I'm nearly a teacher! A trainee one yes, but a teacher! OooooooooooooooOOOo.

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Aug. 4th, 2006 | 11:40 am

Our cat Missy keeps regurgitating hairballs.  After watching Ren and Stimpy back in the day, I imagined hairballs to be grey and round with bits of hair and twig sticking out of them, but they are not like this.  They are like huge black slugs made of really dense matted slimy hair and mucus, swimming in a pool of bile.  Missy is lucky we love her so much or she'd be made to live in the garden where such things can be left to decompose naturally instead of me having to pick them up with tissues and copious amounts of antibacterial handwash.  We try to brush her all the time to reduce the amount of hair in her stomach, but she just plays with the brush and tries to eat the hair that's in its bristles. Ew.
Just thought you all should know.

Jamaica tomorrow!

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Ashton Court adventures and other such things

Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 12:33 pm
mood: fullfull

Ashton Court was great, one of our friends brought a couple of his friends from Brighton, we'll call them Jim and Bob because I can't remember their actual names. Jim and Bob were great value, they drank a bottle of Captain Morgan spiced Rum each, and were extremely, comically drunk. As they were Ollie's friends I felt free to be amused by them without feeling the burden of responsibility I would have felt if they were my friends, which made losing Bob at some point on the long trek from the festival to the entrance of the Ashton Court estate somewhat easier to bear.

It was Bob's first time in Bristol and he didn't have any money or a phone, and didn't know Ollie's or any one else's address or phone number, silly, silly Bob. We made token looking for him gestures but a free party was calling and none of us were in the right frame of mind for serious and sensible things, so we left Ollie and Jim to it. Mean, I know... They gave up an hour after we left, but were reunited with Bob after a kebab shop owner in Bedminster found him trying the doors of various cars in the vague hope that one of them might be his to curl up and sleep in, and Bob managed to remember Jim's phone number...the lesson to be learned here is: don't get drunk in a strange city without first tethering yourself to a trusted friend.

After Glade and Ashton Court some detox was needed, so we had a low key weekend of buying cheese at the harbour festival French market on Friday evening followed by Batman Begins and cheese eating (I was far less scared by the Scarecrow on the little screen; in the cinema Miranda and I nearly fainted) and then had our respective parents round for dinner on Saturday night. We spent the WHOLE day Saturday cleaning the house, and it was very lovely in the end.

In three days we fly to Jamaica!

I bought the biggest creme brulee in the world (it serves six! It's the people carrier of the creme brulee world!) from Marks and Spencer's and had lots of it at 8 o'clock this morning, now I feel ill.

Tonight, as the neighbours on both sides are away, Matt and I are having a karaoke session where we're the only singers. We've been making set-lists all week and have to mark each other out of 10, it's going to be great, Matt bought a Beegees album specially.


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Jul. 19th, 2006 | 09:18 am

I'm back! Glade was great but I got sunstroke, I was sat in the shade in 28 degrees or whatever it was on Saturday shivering and covered in goosebumps, weird.  I had to lie down and have water poured on me, then I felt really sick.  But apart from that it was all goood.  Matt actually was sick, four times, hahahahahahaaa how everyone laughed, and his sick was pink from too much vodka and cranberry juice. ewww. That'll teach him, drugs're bad mmmkay....

Poor him, I did look after him, and only started laughing when I knew he was ok...earlier he had helped me to crawl from shade to shade trying to escape from the stomping psytrance monster, it's very important at these times to have someone there you can trust to feed you water and drag your body somewhere safe where no one will stand on you or laugh at you.  We looked after each other very well and managed to alternate our collapses very neatly.

So by Sunday we were both fairly broken and just wanted to come home, so we did, and went to bed at 8 pm...I managed work on Monday but then my body had its revenge for a weekend of abuse by letting in an evil cold, it's no fun being unable to breathe and being all feverish in this heat :(

This weekend we get to do it all again!

Hooray for Ashton Court!

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